EZ2, 3D, 6D LOTTO RESULTS MAY 11, 2017


EZ2, 3D and 6D lotto results hearing for May 11, 2017 (Thursday).

You may check-out below the 11:00 AM, 4:00 PM, & 9:00 PM results.

EZ2 LOTTO RESULTS (05/11/2017)

11:00 AM:
 4:00 PM:  
* 20-09
 9:00 PM:  
* 13-23

Please note that the winning numbers must be in exact order.

 P 4,000.00 for two correct numbers in exact order.

 P 2,000.00 for two correct numbers.

3D LOTTO RESULTS (05/11/2017)
11:00 AM:  
* 6-5-2
 4:00 PM:   
 9:00 PM:  
* 3-2-3

Please note that the winning numbers must be in exact order.

P 4,500.00 for 3 correct numbers in exact order.
P 1,500.00 for one pair of the same digit and one different digit.
P 750 for three different digits.

6D LOTTO RESULTS (05/11/2017)
WINNING NUMBERS: * 1-7-3-1-2-5

If the results is still not posted you may refresh your smart phones or computer for updates.


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